The Beginning Of A New School In The Boston Area

We're working to make The Puzzle School a physical reality. It will eventually be a K-12 school that focuses on providing students with a healthy educational environment where they have control over their time and the direction of their learning.

The Puzzle School will be an environment that looks at education through the framing of a puzzle: Students working to achieve meaningful goals of their own choosing within a hypothesis-driven, iterative environment with honest, high-quality feedback loops.

The goal will be to inspire students toward projects of their choosing, assisting them along the way, helping them break down complex projects and seek out better feedback loops such that they can see the progress they are making toward a goal that is meaningful to them.

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The Labs

The following puzzles are reflective of the larger goal of The Puzzle School, but The Puzzle School will not be overly focused on technology and apps. The puzzle aspect of The Puzzle School will be reflected more in the way students are encouraged to approach learning, their projects, and their lives.

That said, technology will play a significant role and the following puzzle apps do provide examples of the puzzle approach to learning. They are R&D only at this point.


Electrical Circuits

A fascinating and challenging exploration of circuits. Understand electrical systems that exist all around us...

Try Circuitous

Code Puzzles


Numerous challenges that will help you figure out how to use HTML, CSS, and Javascript....

Try Code Puzzles


Equations and Graphing

You never would have guessed that you could enjoy exploring equations and graphing in your spare time...

Try XYFlyer

Language Scramble

Foreign Language Vocabulary

A cross between flash cards and a crossword puzzle.
Unscrambling each word is surprisingly enjoyable.

Try Language Scramble

You can learn more about and try the puzzles I'm developing on the Puzzles page >

You can learn more about some of the puzzles I've discovered on the Reviews page >

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